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New Year + New Location = Streamlined Operations

We are officially settled into our new headquarters building located at 2009 Renaissance Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA. We briefly touched on the move in our end of year blog posted Dec. 30th and are excited to report that the move went smoothly… We haven’t missed a beat! The new headquarter location allows us to […]

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Summer is System Maintenance Season

Summer means long, hot days, beach trips, barbecues, and plenty of celebrations. It also means days off and time away from work; at Paratherm, we often notice that this translates to downtime for our clients’ process-heating systems and a slow-down at their facilities. When things do slow down, it’s a good time to focus on […]

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March Madness: Two Exciting Upcoming Trade Shows

One of the great things about making products that serve so many different industries and applications is that you get to meet, interact with, and learn about so many different people and companies. This is especially true when attending industry trade shows—invaluable opportunities to not only get your product out there, but to connect with […]

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Unsubmerged Info Post #1

“Inventions have long since reached their limit, and I see no hope for further developments.” Roman engineer Julius Sextus Frontinus in 10 A.D. Unsubmerged Info  is Paratherm’s new weblog.  This blog will cover mainly three subject areas:  Industrial Processing, Business Technology, and The History of Engineering. Here at Paratherm Corporation, we deliver heat transfer fluids and […]

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