Heat Transfer Fluids

For non-pressurized closed-loop thermal systems.

What is a heat transfer fluid?

Non-aqueous specialty liquid phase heat transfer fluids used in industrial processing applications from -88°C to +343°C, including mineral oils, synthetic and organic-based formulas. Synthetic organic-based fluids will reach the highest temperature ranges on the thermometric chart below, without boiling or reaching the vapor phase. Extreme low-temperature products will remain liquid at the lower (left) end of the below scale.

Which applications use heat transfer fluids?

A variety of applications use heat transfer fluids due to their low viscosity when cool, low toxicity, and economical advantages.  Paratherm has provides heat transfer fluids for Biofuel Processing, Food & Beverage Processing, and pharmaceutical applications. Speak with an expert today to learn more about which fluids can be applicable to your needs.

Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluid Comparison Chart

Paratherm™ CR HTF

  • Highly specialized HTF with extreme low temperature capabilities
  • Single fluid heating and cooling with wide operating range
  • Efficient alternative to low temperature silicones
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Thermally Stable Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Low temperature pumpability
  • Broad compatibility with synthetic aromatics
  • Excellent thermal efficiency vs. standard mineral oil HTF’s
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GP Heat Transfer Fluid

  • High thermal stability
  • Outperforms standard mineral oil HTF’s
  • Inherently resists fouling of heat exchange surfaces
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Paratherm™ HE HTF

  • Economical workhorse formulation
  • High purity NSF HT-1 food grade heat transfer fluid
  • High flash/boiling points
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HR Synthetic-Aromatic HTF

  • Best in class thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency
  • Widest operating range
  • Unique formulation resists thermal decomposition at high temps
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Hydrogenated Terphenyl HTF

  • Workhorse high temperature product
  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • High boiling point, low volatility
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Paratherm™ LR Low Range HTF

  • Premium NSF HT-1 heat transfer fluid
  • Exceptional low temperature & dielectic properties
  • Efficient alternative to glycols & silicones
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Mid-Range Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Premium NSF HT-1 heat transfer fluid
  • Wide operating range
  • Single fluid for multi-zone heating & cooling applications
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NF Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Premium NSF HT-1 food grade heat transfer fluid
  • Best-in-class thermal stability
  • Non-fouling, ultra pure formulation
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Sludge-Resistant Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Oxidation inhibited formulation
  • Sludge and fouling resistance
  • Extended lifetime in oxidation-prone environments
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