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Paratherm heat transfer fluids are used in a wide variety of plastic, polymer and textile manufacturing processes. Die casting equipment requiring precision temperature control benefit from Paratherm’s highly efficient fluids, while Paratherm’s high temperature fluids are well-suited for high temperature polymer and synthetic fiber processing.

For temperature control in molding, extrusion, press heating, line tracing, and coating rolls, Paratherm manufactures several specialized heat transfer fluids.

Paratherm™ NF heat transfer fluid is non-fouling, and non-toxic.  It is commonly specified in electrically heated temperature control units for molding applications.

Paratherm™ OR heat transfer fluid is non-sludging and oxidation resistant.  Its unique combination of a thermally stable base stock with proprietary antioxidant additive makes it a common choice for applications where tools are frequently changed or air is otherwise routinely contacting the hot oil.

Paratherm™ MR heat transfer fluid is for single-fluid heating and cooling, and is specially formulated for temperature control in Blowmolding applications.

Paratherm™ SC system cleaning liquids expressly formulated to dissolve and suspend sludge and carbon lumps frequently produced in hot oil temperature control units

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