Heat Transfer Fluid Analysis

Over the past 30 years, Paratherm’s technical experts have performed thousands of fluid analyses on samples of mineral oil based heat transfer fluids.

These samples are taken from systems as diverse as asphalt terminal heating and sludge drying to chemical and pharmaceutical reactor control to food and poultry processing – or as we like to say from “tar to feathers”.

Our fluid analysis reports have enabled customers to correct problems before they become expensive, avoid complete heating system failure or just sleep better knowing that the fluid is still in good condition.

A fluid analysis that consists only of laboratory data is like checking the oil level in your car without knowing how long it has been since the last oil change or even when oil was last added. All you know is whether you need to add oil.

What makes our fluid analysis program unique is that it goes beyond simply running laboratory tests that measure properties of the fluid.

At Paratherm, we take these laboratory test results and make a total system analysis using our extensive knowledge of equipment and processes.


  • Whether the results are “normal”,
  • Whether equipment problems exist or
  • Whether operational issues are causing the fluid to degrade.

We review the results with you, explain the causes and remedies for any abnormalities, and then issue a report which includes our recommendations.

The result? You know whether your fluid is “good” or “bad”, whether it’s causing problems, and most importantly, you know what you can do about it.


To encourage regularly scheduled proactive system maintenance, Paratherm offers the opportunity to start with a fluid analysis now and plan your next analysis.