Paratherm synthetic aromatic heat transfer fluids offer low-temperature startup while maintaining high-temperature stability. With operating temperatures up to 357°C (675°F), our synthetic aromatic heat transfer fluids can handle the most demanding applications, such as gas processing, chemical processing, waste oil recovery and biomass to name a few. Find the right synthetic fluid for your system below:

Paratherm™ GLT HTF Beaker Chemical Fluid

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GLT Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Low temperature pumpability
  • Broad compatibility with synthetic aromatics
  • Excellent thermal efficiency vs. standard mineral oil HTF’s
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HR synthetic aromatic HTF Beaker

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HR Synthetic-Aromatic HTF

  • Best in class thermal stability and heat transfer efficiency
  • Widest operating range
  • Unique formulation resists thermal decomposition at high temps
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Paratherm HT HTF Beaker

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Hydrogenated Terphenyl HTF

  • Workhorse high temperature product
  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • High boiling point, low volatility
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