Fluid Maintenance Program


To encourage regularly scheduled proactive system maintenance, Paratherm offers the opportunity to start with a fluid analysis now and plan your next analysis.

When you buy the Fluid Maintenance Program, you receive your analysis kit with an enclosed coupon good for 10% off your next analysis, redeemable within 13 months of the first analysis date. The coupon code goes into a field on the next page, visible when you click “add to cart.” You get a new coupon every time you buy the Fluid Maintenance Program option.

Compared to steam systems, most thermal fluid systems are generally boring pieces of equipment to operate. They don’t require a licensed operator. There are no water treatment chemicals that have to be monitored and added and no steam traps to replace. The only data that can be monitored – pressure and temperature – typically don’t change much until there is a mechanical problem with a pump or a thermocouple. This often triggers an immediate interest in the condition of the fluid which results in a rush a request for a fluid analysis. Unfortunately, by the time degraded fluid has an effect on system performance, it’s too late.

Paratherm’s Fluid Maintenance Program provides you with routine feedback on the condition of the thermal fluid so there are no surprises. We send you a sample kit on an agreed on schedule, we test the fluid, compare the results to previous samples and let you know what is going on with the fluid, what has changed and, most importantly, any corrective actions you need to take to keep the system running. So that you never get surprised by a fluid problem.


The Standard Analysis is recommended for larger-volume systems, systems operating at high temperatures (>450F) and systems that have not added other brands of fluid.