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Run a Thermal System, Run a Marathon

Guest Post by Luke Nowlan, Paratherm Summer Intern 2017 Here in Pennsylvania, everyone anticipates summertime, and it always seems to end prematurely. Summer entails a degree of relaxed ambiance. People unwind and run off to vacation; the pace of life slows down. However, for a particular group of individuals, the pace is just starting to […]

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Perfect Paratherm Fit: New Business Director Ed Delate Aboard Team

If you read our December blog you already know about the addition of Ed Delate to the Paratherm team this past August. For those of you who missed our post – Ed is our newest Business Director, bringing an abundance of great ideas to further our company goals and initiatives. Ed’s previous experience includes roles […]

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What Makes Paratherm Different

How does Paratherm differ? We drew the differences in a 2-minute video — whiteboard style! And, for those of you who prefer to read, skim, study, and/or critique the written word, here is the voice-over script… “The beauty of closed-loop hot-oil technology is that it operates simply and uniformly with little of the maintenance intervention […]

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Paratherm Extends Globally

For over 25 years, Paratherm has been exceeding the expectations that come along with our reputation as a premier provider of heat transfer fluids and related expertise in North America.  This is the inherent result of our refusal to compromise on the quality of our products and our genuine dedication to supporting the needs of […]

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A Few Frequent Questions…With Answers

In Depth Answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Transfer Fluids   The technology of heat transfer fluids is not extremely complicated. It involves liquids, heaters, pumps, flow rates, thermal and physical properties, and a few basic engineering principles. Still, some of the more curious aspects of the fluids themselves fit with common-sense […]

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Sampling Part 2: Where and How

Where and how you take a thermal fluid sample can make all the difference in what the test results reveal. Where a sample should be taken is simple – any location where there is flow and the temperature is above 180°F. A blowdown valve on the pump suction strainer housing is a good bet since […]

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Proper Fire Prevention and Safety in Laundries

Laundry fires are among the more common types of fire that occur in institutional settings. They happen with regular frequency—yet, they often can be prevented. It’s a matter of following correct procedures utilizing the best heating systems.  Recently, an entire high school had to be evacuated when one of the laundry dryers caught fire.  Thankfully, […]

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Air and Heat Transfer Fluids, Part III

How well (or how poorly) does lab testing reflect real-world manufacturing conditions?   In the real world, oxidation of heat transfer fluids occurs in a vented reservoir or expansion tank that for whatever reason is hot (>70°C). The acids formed in the expansion tank subsequently circulate through the system, decomposing in the heater and producing […]

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Unsubmerged Info Post #1

“Inventions have long since reached their limit, and I see no hope for further developments.” Roman engineer Julius Sextus Frontinus in 10 A.D. Unsubmerged Info  is Paratherm’s new weblog.  This blog will cover mainly three subject areas:  Industrial Processing, Business Technology, and The History of Engineering. Here at Paratherm Corporation, we deliver heat transfer fluids and […]

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