Paratherm™ NF Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm™ NF Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm NF is an ultra-pure mineral oil with high naphthenic content

A carefully engineered blend of mineral oils refined by multiple hydrotreatment processes, Paratherm NF exhibits extreme purity and high naphthenic content.

Advantageous interaction between paraffinic content and heightened naphthenic content causes high density with low viscosity. These traits increase the effectiveness of the fluid, providing premium heat transfer for many industries

  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • Film temperature to 650°F
  • Non-fouling, low maintenance
  • Low pour, quick cold starts
  • Odor-free
  • Food Grade

Heat Transfer Fluid Applications Include:

  • Chemical reactors
  • Food Processing
  • Portable electric temperature control units
  • Electric heaters

Paratherm NF has greater thermal stability than competitors.

While natural degradation over the life of any fluid is inevitable, Paratherm NF is reinforced by its high naphthenic content. This gives Paratherm NF an extended operational life when compared to straight paraffinic mineral oil-based fluids. When Paratherm NF eventually degrades, it inherently resists fouling caused by thermal cracking.

Paratherm NF is fully certified for use in food and beverage applications

Paratherm NF, US FDA registered as food-grade since 1989, is adherent to all current accepted standards. Certified kosher and Halal and NSF HT-1 registered as a heat transfer fluid with incidental food contact, Paratherm NF is in the highest class of mineral-oil based fluids.

Paratherm NF is proven save, even after years of use

Durably non-toxic, independent toxicology testing and chemical analysis has experimentally proven used Paratherm NF fluid as safe as a new charge.

Paratherm NF® Heat Transfer Fluid

Food Grade Low Viscosity for Easy Start Up

Chemical NameHydrotreated Mineral Oil
AppearanceWater White Liquid
Maximum recommended film temperature 650°F (343°C)
Maximimum rec’d operating temp – fired heaters 600°F (316°C)
Maximimum rec’d operating temp – all others 630°F (332°C)
Minimum operating temperature 20 cPs (20 mPa-s) 97°F (36°C)
Minimum start-up temp 300 cPs (300 mPa-s) 24°F (-4°C)
Viscosity @ 60°F/15.5°C sSt (mm2/sec) 73
Density at 60°F/15.5°C lb/gal (kg/m3 ) 7.4 (887)
Flash Point Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (D93)> 300°F/149°C
Boiling Point (14.7 psia/101 kPa)>700°F/371°C
Vapor Pressure @ max operating temp psia (kPa)2.5 (17)
%Volume expansion over recommended operating temperature per 100°F (°C)5.5 (9.9)
Average Molecular Weight340
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage D1816-04 (kV, 0.1″ gap)34.37
Dielectric Constant (1KHz) D924-042.183
Dissipation Factor (1KHz) D924-040.000003
Volume Resistivity at 100V (?-cm) D257-073.4 X 1014
Heat of Combustion (approximate) BTU/lb (kJ/kg)20,000 (46,300)
Heat of Vaporization (approximate) BTU/lb (kJ/kg)91 (210)

Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

Critical Temperature, Tc(Calculated)
Critical Pressure, Pc(Calculated)
Critical Volume, Vc(Calculated)
Heat of Vaporization,DH vap
Molecular Weight avg
k=Cp/Cv =1.01
C’ =316.5
R =82.06 cm3*atm/mol*K
Fb =1.0


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