The Thermal Fluid Experience

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Thermal fluids, also commonly known as heat transfer fluids/HTFs, hot oils, thermic fluids, etc., are designed to provide accurate, uniform temperature control to process operating units while still maintaining low system pressures. The “Thermal Fluid Experience” revolves around safety, maintenance, efficiency and reliability of overall plant operations.

Optimizing this experience requires dedicated considerations on how the fluids themselves impact the wellbeing of your plant personnel, the protection of your equipment investment, the ability to run an efficient operation in terms of energy consumption and scheduling, and the avoidance of production downtime associated with unscheduled maintenance activities. Taking the entire thermal fluid lifecycle into consideration (design specification –> fluid selection/procurement –> operation –> maintenance –> change out), attendees of this session will be introduced to key fundamentals of heat transfer & engage in practical discussion of real-world, operation-specific scenarios that will ultimately serve as a best practices guide to optimize performance at the plant level.

Learning Objectives:

1. Appreciate the impact that Thermal Fluids/HTFs have on overall plant operations
2. Apply a basic understanding of heat transfer fundamentals to aid in the proper selection of thermal fluids for equipment/operating specifications
3. Anticipation of unforeseen issues and system failures that are directly related to flawed operating practices and routine maintenance oversights, ultimately leading to inefficient heat transfer and premature fluid degradation over time
4. Optimize the Thermal Fluid Experience to extend the fluid lifecycle (design specification, fluid selection/procurement, operation, maintenance and change out) to it’s maximum potential while benefitting from the positive impacts that the technology is designed to offer.

Start Date: 9/16/2020