Recommended Hot Oil System Components


Recommended Hot Oil System Components & Suppliers

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Pipe—Flanged Installation

To 1-1/2” diameter
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 40 seamless carbon steel pipe.

Greater than 2″ diameter
ASTM A-53 Grade B schedule 40 seamless carbon steel pipe

Threaded Installation

To 1” diameter
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 80 carbon steel pipe
From 1” to 2”
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
Greater than 2”
Threaded installations are not recommended


To 4″ Pipe Diameter
ASTM A-181 1/16” raised face 300 lb rating

Greater than 4”
ASTM A-181 1/16” raised face 150 lb rating

Flange Gaskets

Flexible graphite. (Grafoil™, Garlock™ or equal).
Expanded/filled PTFE below 450°F/232°C (Goretex™, Garlock™ or equal).


ASTM A-193 Grade B7.


ASTM A-194 Grade 2H.

Thread Sealant

Deacon 770 P or L or
LA-CO Slic-tite Paste


Control Valves—
Globe valves with bellows seals (ARI or equivalent).

Isolation Valves—
Gate valves provide 100% shut off, 0 pressure drop when open

Pump Fire Suppression System

Wechsler Technologies & Engineering


Dean (RA2000/3000 series), Dickow (NKL series), MP (HTO series).

Pumps—Positive Displacement

Viking Internal Gear Universal Seal

Pump Seals

Tungsten carbide vs silicon carbide face type mechanical seals are recommended.


To 250°F/121°C:
Nitrile rubber

To 400°F/204˚C:
Fluoroelastomer (VitonTM or equal)

Above 400°F/204˚C:
Perfluoroelastomer (ChemrazTM, ZalakTM, KalrezTM or equal).


Closed cell (Pittsburgh Corning foamed glass) is recommended for all installations.

Mineral fiber, fiber glass or calcium silicate can be installed on straight pipe runs or other locations where the potential for leaks is low. The material should not be used with 2’ of a potential leak point. Flanges should not be insulated.

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