Meal Kits

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Paratherm is at the fore front of the process of making convenience foods and meal kits.

Convenience food doesn’t mean fast food anymore.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has made convenience foods popular with busy families, working-class people and college students. Many restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals are also taking advantage of prepared sides and catered specialty items. Those scrambled eggs at the hotel restaurant buffet that you load up on each morning are an example of today’s prepared foods. Can you imagine how long it would take an apprentice chef to crack dozens and dozens of eggs to serve a busy restaurant? Meal kits that are thawed or baked in the oven such as roasted potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and even omelets and cereals offer customers a gourmet experience. They are ready in less time while taking the prep work out of the equation and leaving fewer leftovers along with easy cleanup.

Convenience foods have taken on a new look in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic. The gourmet pastas found in my grocery store gives this mom of two teens a much-needed break from cooking every night. Working from home for the past 7 weeks, during Pennsylvania’s Stay-At-Home order, has been a welcome change in our normally fast paced, hectic lives. Gone are the calendars of tennis and volleyball practices, wondering how I am going to get each child to each commitment and somehow fit in dinner in between shuttles. The weekends full of travel volleyball and eating-on-the-go have been replaced with home cooked meals and conversations every night. We’ve all been given this time to reconnect with our families and ourselves. Some have even embraced trying new recipes to wow our families.

I’m sure we all appreciate that much needed “night off” where mom doesn’t have to cook and we can order out and get some help with dinner. Convenience foods and meal kits to the rescue! They are not only quick and easy, but also cost efficient and taste great. They provide the high quality and taste that we expect from a restaurant or prepared food, but in a little different packaging than the normal pizza box or take out container.

Did you know that Paratherm is at the fore front of this process? We have a long and esteemed history of working with equipment manufacturers and food processors in the food industry. Thermal fluids with distinct properties yield superior results in creating prepared meals and sides. We are proud to have played a part in many of the chef inspired convenience meals you find in your supermarket today.

Meal kits and prepared foods are something you can count on. Just like Paratherm. We have provided solid service and fluid technology for over 30 years. Our customers know they can call us anytime to help with technical questions, system fills or for 24 hour emergency support.