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Proper System Shutdown

Removing Water From The System

The performance and operating life of your heat transfer fluid can be maximized if you pay close attention to system shutdown procedures. Otherwise the fluid can be overheated and “bruised,” and the system itself may ultimately be damaged.

During operation, the heater’s refractory and structural metal get almost as hot as the flame itself. If the entire system is shut down at once, the heater stops firing and the pump ceases to move the fluid. The intense heat stored in the heater’s refractory and structural metal cannot quickly exit the stack, and remains in the firebox — scorching the heater tubing and cooking the thermal fluid inside.

It’s very important when shutting the system down, to turn the heater off but keep the circulating pump running. When the heater outlet temperature has decreased to 250°F or lower, it’s generally safe to shut the pump down. You should keep the heater blower running if possible. By forcing cool air into the firebox, heat can be more quickly pushed out the stack.

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