Paratherm™ HE Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm™ HE Heat Transfer Fluid

Economical Continuous Service

Paratherm HE heat transfer fluid is an economical, highly-refined, mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid formulated for service in closed-loop heat transfer systems to 600°F.

  • Continuous service to 600°F
  • High flash/fire point
  • Extended life in vented systems
  • Safe to use, easy disposal

Applications Include:

  • Municipal Sludge Dryers
  • Thermal oil heated laundries
  • Asphalt plants and terminals
  • Continuous chemical processing

Presentations Available:

  • Bulk in Tankwagons and Flexitanks
  • 1000-liter totes
  • 55-gallon (208-liter) drums
  • 5-gallon (20-liter) Poly Pails

Lack of color does make a difference

As shown by its almost water-white appearance, Paratherm HE has an extremely low level of impurities. This is the result of the extended processing required to achieve it’s HT1 Rating-approved for incidental food contact by NSF-which removes the impurities that can catalyze fluid degradation. These impurities (such as aromatics, asphaltenes and sulfur bearing compounds) give lesser quality mineral-oil based fluids a slight to moderate yellow color.

Low vapor pressure equals greater stability in vented expansion tanks

Any vapors that are given off by a heat transfer fluid inside a vented expansion tank will react with air to produce the acids that eventually can cause sludge formation and fluid gelling. The higher the vapor pressure, the more vapor is produced and the greater the rate of oxidation. Paratherm HE has a negligible vapor pressure that produces almost no reaction with air in vented expansion tanks.


Chemical NameHydrotreated heavy paraffinic distillate
AppearanceAlmost water white liquid
Maximimum Recommended Film Temperature650°F (343°C)
Maximimum Recommended Operating Temperature600°F (310°C)
Maximimum Operating Temperature 20 cPs (20 mPa-s)127°F (53°C)
Minimum Start-up Temperature 300 cPs (300 mP-s)37°F (3°C)
Viscosity at 60°F/15.5°C cSt (mm2/sec)145
Density at 60°F/15.5°C lb/gal (kg/m3 )7.3 (866)
Flash Point Pensky-Martens Closed Cup(D93)>410°F (210°C)
Boiling Point (14.7 psia/101 kPa)>700°F (371°C)
Vapor Pressure @ max operating temp psia (kPa)1.0 (7.0)
% Volume expansion over recommended operating temperature per 100°F (100°C)5.2 (9.4)
Average Molecular Weight445
Heat Of Combustion (approximate) BTU/lb (kJ/kg)20,000 (46,300)
Heat Of Vaporization (approximate) BTU/lb (kJ/kg)77 (178)

Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids

Critical Temperature, Tc(Calculated)
Critical Pressure, Pc(Calculated)
Critical Volume, Vc(Calculated)
Heat of Vaporization,DH vap
Molecular Weight avg
k=Cp/Cv =1.01
C’ =316.5
R =82.06 cm3*atm/mol*K
Fb =1.0


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