Behind the Scenes on Super Sunday: Food for Thought

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There’s nothing in the world quite like American football’s pro championship game.

There’s nothing in the world quite like American football’s pro championship game.

No gender, taste or political bent is overlooked in making Super Sunday an appetizing global party. The event transcends the sport itself.

Case in point, my daughter could care less about the game score. But she catches every commercial and tackles what’s trending about the halftime show like a linebacker.

As an entertainment spread, Super Sunday is a complete feast for the eyes, ears and heart. Not to mention, the stomach.

The essential element of any Super Sunday party is the food, of course. And not just any food. Tailgate food.

SNAC International reports that U.S. consumers spend more than $370 million on snack food like kettle chips to get ready for the game. Super Week spending data shows that eight out of ten Americans will buy game day beverages, like craft beer and spicy chicken wings.

Behind those stats are the food processing scientists and industrial equipment operators who make your tailgating taste good.

Many of those industry professionals insist on using only one brand of heat transfer fluid for their food processing, Paratherm™ NF. From food factories to small-batch breweries, in continuous fryers, belt grills, and high-volume ovens, Paratherm™ NF is their food-grade thermal fluid of choice. Its thermal stability is superior. Its properties are pure. It is fully certified for use in food and beverage production. And Paratherm backs it with 24/7 customer support. Dependable and durable.

Maybe that’s why Super Sunday brings family and friends together each year. Fun food and chilled drinks are always a sure thing. No matter, hashtag, who wins.