New Drum

Paratherm Unveils New Branded 55-Gallon Drum Design

Growth, change, improvement, constantly moving forward. At Paratherm, we’re making strides to better serve our customers. In the past year we’ve been busy making both our products and ourselves more accessible to you, our most important asset. We’ve implemented a fresh, streamlined website, updated our fluid-analysis kits to an eye catching easy-to-spot design, and increased the availability and frequency of our in-person fluid-operations training sessions. Most recently we’ve turned this attention to our product packaging – with a bold, new look for our 55-gallon drums*.

These drums represent Paratherm at our finest. We’ve said goodbye to the plain black drum for most of our products. Our new drums stand out splashed in our vibrant Paratherm blue with a white band in the middle. With this new look, there’s no second guessing which is our product when walking through your warehouse.

We’re excited for you to receive these new and improved drums when Paratherm products arrive at your facility.


Note: There will be a short-term transition period while we phase out our existing inventory of black/white drums. Rest assured that our strict order fulfillment procedures remain in effect and the product labels on your drums will be the best indication to verify that the correct fluid has arrived as expected.

As always, Paratherm’s new drums comply with the UN regulations for products in the packaging groups I, II and III. All Paratherm drums are 55-gallon (208-liter) steel, unlined and sealed with tamper-resistant white-plastic bung covers on both the 2″ threaded bung (with the Paratherm P-logo printed in blue) and the 3/4″ vent bung. If these seals are ever missing or appear tampered with on a newly delivered drum, contact your Paratherm sales engineer or customer service.