Users of Therminol® heat transfer fluids are looking to Paratherm for…


  • Performance

    Paratherm synthetic thermal fluids have been proven to display
    industry-leading thermal stability and higher overall efficiency

  • Service

    An independent research firm surveyed heat transfer fluid customers.
    More chose Paratherm after dealing with both Paratherm and
    Therminol. #1 reason: better customer service. (Data on file.)

  • Compatibility

    Paratherm heat transfer fluids can top off equivalent Therminol products.
    Certificates of compatibility available.

  • Availability

    Global stocking, bulk delivery, fast shipping. If you are experiencing short
    supply or significant delays, let us deliver for you.

  • Technical Support

    Expert engineering, product support, and training. On-site fluid-analysis
    with state-of- the-art lab equipment.



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