Learn All About Paratherm & Hot Oils

If you use Paratherm now, you know what Paratherm is.

If you don’t have Paratherm heat transfer fluid in your system, we have drawn a little (2-minute)
whiteboard video to explain the differences between Paratherm and other thermal-fluid manufacturers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Paratherm does all that, we have a little email series you can subscribe to which will explain the offering, in small bites delivered over the next few days, and then spreads out to one message every few weeks, and then occasionally (generally no more than once a month) as we think of things that may be of interest to process manufacturing professionals.

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What it all boils down to, though, is this: Our focus is on success for our customers. So we ship fast. We keep fluid products in stock, in several locations. We have relationships with carriers and logistics services. In a pinch we’re willing to work nights and weekends to keep our customers up and running, and we carefully select our logistics partners so they’re willing too.

And below, a list of the titles of the messages that make up the Learn About Paratherm series.

The About Paratherm Series
  • Introduction: Technical Information for Heat Transfer System Users
  • For Heat Transfer System Users: The Paratherm Tipsheet
  • Article: Troubleshooting Heat Transfer Fluid Systems
  • Information Beyond Heat Transfer Fluids: The Paratherm Blog
  • Heat Transfer Fluids: A User’s Guide
  • The Fluids: Paratherm’s Products for Low and High Temperature Ranges
  • Paratherm Services for Hot-Oil System Users
  • Heat Transfer System Cleaners from Paratherm
  • When You Need Fluid Fast: Stories of Paratherm Logistics
  • Fluid Analysis from Paratherm: 1-Minute Video for Predictive Maintenance
We’ve set this email series up so that among the earliest messages, sent within a day or two, is a link to a PDF reprint of the article “Troubleshooting Heat Transfer Systems” written by Paratherm’s Director of Technology, Jim Oetinger. Jim has over 25 years experience working with hot oil systems, so even if you want to opt out of the rest of the series, you’ll want a copy of this article, from a past edition of Chemical Engineering magazine.

By the way, if you want quick information on any of these topics, shoot an email to andyan@paratherm.com…or call Andy Andrews 610.941.4900.