A Division of Lubrizol

Paratherm can help you manage hot-oil
cost and extend the life of your fluid

Paratherm understands the uncertainty we are all facing with the

continuing spread of COVID-19. While these are surely

unchartered waters we are navigating, Paratherm would like you

to know we are still here, working for you.

Paratherm Hot-Oils for every Application and Budget:

•   Paratherm™ HR- High Temperature Thermal Stability

•   Paratherm™ GP- Enhanced Thermal Stability - Extended Service

•   Paratherm™ HE- Highly Refined, Economical Continuous Service

Paratherm™ NF Heat Transfer Fluid

Please be advised that while we all face these challenging

times, we are still dedicated to serve you. Due to limited staff,

delays in shipping and processing times, our fluid analysis services

may be temporarily delayed. Deliveries may also be impacted

because of the COVID-19 situation in your area. We appreciate

your patience while we monitor further instruction from local

government as to when we can resume normal operations.

For questions or if we can be of assistance for your system needs

please call:

Dyron Liverman

Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing Sales Engineer

+1 713-213-7409