About Paratherm Services

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Greetings from Paratherm,

About Paratherm Services

Paratherm offers several services related to heat transfer fluids   
and hot oil systems.

Fluid Analysis leads this list, and in some ways, the other   
services flow out of it.

Fluid Analysis

Something has changed in your process.  As often happens in   
thermal fluid systems, it ran great for a long time, with minimal   
attention.  But recently, you’ve noticed one or more of the   
following differences:


  • New noises. Popping or crackling, or pump cavitation.
  • Odors. Burnt, “varnishy”, or acidic.
  • Production. Either quality or quantity is down.
  • Temperature issues. You have to crank it up higher to get the same performance. Or it takes too long to heat up the process. Higher temperature readings from the exhaust stack. Cold spots.
  • A specific system component fails repeatedly.

When these or other system symptoms occur, you need a fluid   
analysis.  Also, even if you don’t have changes in the behavior   
of your system, fluid analysis can give advance warning of   
possible system problems. Testing the viscosity, boiling range,   
and acidity (and sometimes other tests as well) of the fluid can   
oftentimes help pinpoint the causes of the above issues, leading   
to corrective action.  Annual fluid analysis should be a primary   
focus of the operation’s preventive maintenance plan.


 A Fluid Analysis Kit: Jar, Packaging,
and Instructions




When Paratherm technical experts are asked to troubleshoot a   
problem, we usually start with a fluid analysis, to run the   
tests, compare the results to values for brand-new fluid, and   
seek what has changed and what it means.  But with 20+ years of   
experience working with these fluids, systems, and applications,   
many times we can just “walk and talk” a system and get a feel   
for what’s right and wrong with the process.  Oftentimes we can   
even diagnose on the phone.  This service comes with the fluid,   
so if you’re a Paratherm customer, don’t hesitate to call us if   
you suspect something isn’t right.  And because our experience   
extends well beyond our own product line, we also will   
troubleshoot non-Paratherm applications, for a reasonable fee.

System Layout


Because Paratherm’s primary focus is on the fluid and related services, we try to leave system design to the equipment professionals and engineering firms. But Paratherm fluids are in an installed base of thousands of systems. And in performing that troubleshooting service described above, our engineers have analyzed many hundreds of system drawings and helped solve a multitude of problems. So we sometimes advise on system layout to suggest better arrangements of the components, their sizes, and their functions. We also recommend component brands and providers, as well as heater manufacturers, to best suit the specific requirements of your process.


  • Consider taking out this three-way valve, repipe it like this,
    and put a 2-way here, and another here
  • Move this pump to this location for better fluid velocity where it counts
  • Remove that in-line strainer and put a 10% side-stream filter here
  • Take the insulation off that expansion tank, take it off the valve and
    joint areas, and insulate that long pipe run

Technical Training

  • Safety Training    
  • Thermal System Maintenance and Operation
  • System Inspection, Training & Certification

Paratherm offers ½ day and 1-day on-site training on safety,   
maintenance, and operation of hot-oil heat transfer systems.   
2-day and custom trainings are also available.

For further information on any of these services, call Paratherm   
toll free at (800) 222-3611 in the US and Canada, at +1   
610-941-4900 for international inquiries.

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Best Regards,

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P.S. For detailed information about a fluid, a cleaner, or a service, call us toll-free at +1 (800) 222-3611 or +1 610-941-4900. Or, send an email to info@paratherm.com.  You can also always hit REPLY and we’ll get your message.

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